Recent Offerings

~ Notes to the Parish of Christ Church – Dec. 2007. Commentary on the recent Primatial Letter

~ Inwardly Digest: Sermon for Advent 2007


Sundry Files

– A Review: P. D. James, The Children of Men (Knopf, 1992)

– 2007 Notes to the Parish of Christ Church: General Synod: So what happened?

– 2006: “Anneal’d in glass” – Windows Tell a Story

Past Essays

Guest forum: Better or Worse? – David Curry, 2007

A Theological Reflection: Inwardly Digest – David Curry

On The St. Michael Report – David Curry, 2007

Tribulations and The Da Vinci Code – David Curry, 2006

The Primacy of Doctrine – David Curry, 2005

Within the Eye of Honour – David Curry, 2005

Doctrinal Instrument of Salvation: the Use of Scripture in the Prayer Book Lectionary by the Rev’d David Currry, 2005

“The Canterbury Connection” & A Sermon – David Curry, 2005

Outside the Mystery? – David Curry, 2000

The Eucharistic Heart of the Prayer Book – By David Curry. Nov. 1999

Christian Marriage: The Primacy of Forgiveness– 1998

Memorandum Concerning Essentials by the Rev’d Dr. J.I. Packer and the Rev’d David Curry, Vice-Chairs of the PBSC, October 14, 1998

‘Unchurching Common Prayer’An essay on the Canadian Situation by the Rev’d David Curry, 1999

The Quality of Witness – David Curry, 1998

The Prayer Book and Revision by the Rev’d David Curry, 1996

Something Understood: Doctrine in Devotion by the Rev’d David Curry, 1995

The Solemn Declaration: The Net of Memory – By David Curry, 1993

General Synod 2007

MY RECENT Response to ‘On “Making the Case” ‘; For more, see this 1995 essay “Love without Reason? Feminism & Homosexuality“, via the Prayerbook Sociey of Canada Online Library. Here is a critique on the new liturgies as used at the GS07 opening service in the essay “A Matter of Faith: A Matter of Doctrine